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In Malawi, is a taboo to be a virgin by 14 years!

by Fichuzi News

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Virginity is something we adored and held in high esteem. I am addressing those who still hold high values to it. Majorly it is in strict and principled religious organizations. Today, the norm has changed. Several are broken early before their marriage years. it is difficult for a pastor to wed virgins.
The Bible which Christians use define sexual purity as a matter to be held in high regards. Fornication, sodomy, adultery are forbidden. Today, there are more to the list; lesbianism, masturbation and more. It has come to the attention of religious leaders and sex doctors that masturbation is becoming a serious thing and should be handled and stopped.

In Malawi, things are different. A lady is not to be married while she is a virgin. The culture has been in practice for long. The people feel it should be disbanded because of the dangers in it.
When they reach twelve years, they are taken to a virginity-breaking ceremony. There, ladies are arrayed and experts in virginity breaking are called and given jobs. It is said the ceremony can last for a few days and one can have the pleasure of breaking a virgin and be paid at the same time.
This breaking ceremony is not for all, there are experts who have specialized in the job. For one to be trusted to do the same job, they are to be examined for health complications, especially HIV. They, upon being declared pure, can carry on with the exercise.
A family that wants their daughter broken by a specific man will be able to inform the man and give him the ceremonial pay. The practice is said to be a way of avoiding embarrassment for the lady who may involve herself in any sexual acts before proper age.
On an interview on a local radio station, a man confessed as having broken more than a hundred virgins.
This culture is an outdated one and should be stopped. Human rights organizations should come forth to help bring it to a stop.

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