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Where do our leaders and celebrities disappear to?

by Fichuzi News

Sometimes I feel uneasy when one mentions names I heard in the past. These are names mostly of politicians, music celebrities, televangelists, who could not be ignored in the past. That is when we had 210 elected members of parliament, vibrant musicians and preachers. Something went amiss.

When Kenyans began to vote along tribal lines, they punished leaders. If one was in a different political outfit from their tribal master, they would lose (Reminds me of Siaya County Senator who lost his Ugenya parliamentary seat in 2002 because he was not in Raila’s Camp). Losing is not the main problem here as most have made comebacks in several ways.

I am however startled by how fast we forget them. Those who lost in previous elections disappear like smoke. We cannot figure out the exact times when we saw them in public. Except for a few who secure positions in government offices the rest remain extinct. The same happens with our artists and most public figures. Singers and socialites (those of which expose their nudes to appear ‘relevant’) are lost in the grip of public eye. We are always waiting for a new bred to feature (breed in character and name).

Compare the situation in Kenya to that in other countries; Nelson Mandela, Lucky Dube, Glen Washington, Uganda’s Chameleon and more. They have remained in our minds, eyes and tongues. We mention and give examples of them. Unlike in our country where we only remember the Kapenguria six and of late the Pangani six, ’just kidding’ I you get the drift, we have very few to remember.

If our people, specifically our leaders would do better than what they promise, they would remain in our minds. In fact, losing in an election would be a miracle. And this country would have the same leaders after every election. Unfortunately, our leaders get re-elected because of unfair political systems and elections. Sometimes it would choke you to see some faces bearing names of Hon, E.G. H and C. G. H.

It is not only an address to political leaders but artists and other personalities who jam our television screens. Who knows the whereabouts of Pius Muiru, the one huge televangelist who would gather the flock for spiritual nourishment at Uhuru Park up to 2007 when he forgot his high calling and joined politics? Musicians in this country produce an album, become celebrities then remain celebrities. Talents are to be utilized and grown till we have less energy left. Let these people change, do good for the country, grow their talents properly and we will never forget them.

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