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Kofi Olomide charged in his country!

by Fichuzi News

Kofi Olomide

People ruin their lives in different ways. Building a reputation is expensive and takes a lot of time. Dismantling the same takes the shortest time. The same way it is with success. They are all variants of time. The reverse is inversely proportional.
The case of one Kofi Olomide is currently taking a swift speed as he is on court for a physical assault on a woman. After being deported by our government he was booed as he arrived at the airport.
Two days after the disgraceful ordeal, he has been arrested by the D. R. Congo Police. He is to be charged with brutality. The news was breaking as none expected the same to happen to him.
It is a rare thing for two countries to go wrong on the behavior of one man. When I said the people should be able to gauge whether it was right or wrong to deport the musician, there still existed some doubtful. Now that he has been arrested again by his country, it speaks much sense to us.
The music star might just face the troubling times of his career if he cannot clear his name of the allegations against him. If found guilty as he is in the video, then it will mark the beginning of his end. It is in this manner that musicians and artists descend from grace to grass.
Artists and public figures have always behaved surprisingly. It is in Kenya where Charles Keter, the once vocal Member of Parliament was recorded as he was intimidating the police. Nothing was done to the man. He claimed that they make and can break the law. Such advantages, taken by people to advance their ulterior motives are a disgrace to our society.
It is a good precedent that Kenya and DRC has set to discipline public figures who think they are above the law. They need to be shown the way and be reminded that none is above the law.

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