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Kenyan policemen assist a man change his car tires

by Fichuzi News

Kenyan police

Kenyan policemen are blamed for corruption. They have been listed as the most corrupt members of the security departments in this part of Africa.
The story changes at times when they are spotted doing different things. During the IEBC-must-go demonstrations, some were seen helping children in Kibera with some water to neutralize the effect of teargas canisters. That was on a day when a bullet had landed in Baba’s car.
On Sunday, some officers were seen helping a man change his car tires. The man who was driving along the Narok-Bomet road had his car tire develop a puncture. The officers who were also along the same route saw him and assisted to change the car tire.
Some of these are acts of humility that our officers portray. There is never appreciation for them. In most cases people get to dismiss their assistance as useless. For these they deserve being appreciated by the man and the public.
The government can also increase the pay for our police officers. There is a lot of money getting lost in the hands of the government and other officials. When teachers and other public servants demand increase in their salaries, they are ignored and later shortchanged by signing raw deals just like our teachers did.
It is the best time to solve these pay problems that our servants are crying for all the times. In the future, there is need for the people to reduce the allowances and any unnecessary spending by the state to make people earn. The moneys that would have been used in these cases can then be wired to other sectors to improve development. In the first terms in history, under the country governments doctors have been on more strikes than ever recorded. The department would have been handled by the government in a better way. For these police officers, they have shown high levels of friendships.

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