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Jubilee party finally formed!

by Fichuzi News

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have received the documents pertaining to the formation of the Jubilee Party. The party I formed a year to the next election in what would appear as doing away with alliances and agreements as it was in the last election. In the last elections, people had memorandum that would guide them in slotting out positions and governments posts after they won the elections.

The formation of the party means the normal parties that came to make the jubilee alliance will be terminated and de-registered.

The party officials are not yet elected and nobody has accepted to be a leader of the new party yet. In party slots, they will have to take the steps to enable party positions be shared equally and in ways that will not cause acrimony in the party.

From the party leader, deputy leader, chairman, secretary general, assistant secretary general and treasure, the elections will be hotly contested. Holding to these party posts is assumed to be coming with privileges during the election period. Examples being direct nomination certificates.

What remains for the party is the party nominations of both the leaders and the candidates for the next general election. The most awaited is the party nominations to the next general elections. They will need to be done in a free and fair manner to prove the ability of the party to foster legacies of democracy in this republic.

The other coalitions that would be formed or are planning to form a single party should follow this example. However, for CORD, they will need to take much care as they have seen the examples that the ODM party showed when they conducted their election in Kasarani. But as wheel for the next election, stronger alliances would be needed to beat jubilee. It has shown the way for s strong force.

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