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Is Jubilee Behind The Noise In CORD?

by Fichuzi News

Everything started by a radio interview. It went to a television interview. It has been hitting the newspaper headlines. It has grown and criticisms have surrounded it. Meetings, which appear to have failed, have been unsuccessfully held to solve the quagmire. Finally, it is a made decision.

Many a times we are told “mwanzo wa vita ni kelele”. It is true. Ababu Namwamba and the entire Luhya fraternity are moving out of ODM. I am using the community’s name because it is an exponential of politics. We are too tribal, anyway.

Last time I said Namwamba has the right to do what he thought was right. Politics is a game of numbers, so they say. In our society it may be a game of undecided numbers. Every time one makes a huge name, they can be sure of some following from their tribal origin.

On Raila’s last visit to Busia before convening over an ODM meeting he announced the Budalangi MP would not be intimidated. This was after one Edwin Sifuna had declared himself the party’s secretary general (I hate greed). The party leader was trying to assure his followers that the general (Ababu) would still have the gun.

When one goes to war, their guns must be loaded with enough bullets. The bullets protect the country and him as well. Namwamba must protect his party, party leader, himself and the people of Budalangi. Being a secretary general of one of the largest political houses in Kenya, he has a lot of work to do in ensuring the party is immunized against the competitors, Jubilee being the most lethal.

Let us go back to the original story. When it started, it was before the last general election. It was rumored, and later said as true that the Jubilee alliance was trying to depolarize Raila by having the western votes divided. They are said to have started with Vihiga, home region of Mudavadi. Raila was still strong.

After the election, the claims and counterclaims increased. It was Busia. Bungoma would be difficult to penetrate as it is the home of the co-principal, Wetang’ula. Others have been done in several parts of the country. In Kisii and Nyamira, some senators and members of parliament have joined the Jubilee train. In Ukambani there is Mutua while Gideon Mung’aro is in Coast. In Maasai land, Nkaiserri was awarded a post as a cabinet chief while Ole Ntimama who bites no more is also with the Jubilee. The arrow points the eater, Jubilee.

Rumors have gone round that there are possible sponsorships to every person who would try to join the LPK party. The Budalangi legislator is said to be looking for it as his new train. If all these could be true, with the projects that the government does in areas that the opposition had a strong support, then wait for the fall of the King. Maybe a new king will emerge.

After the Namwamba and Otuoma rally, sources claimed that they were funded by the Jubilee. We have not yet confirmed these, but if they will be true, then money and politics will also be confirmed bedmates. However, there are enough reasons to believe Jubilee as being behind the noise.

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