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jimmie Gaits new song angers Kenyans

by Fichuzi News

Jinmmie gait’s, new song ‘Yesu ndie sponsor’ has sparked some mixed reactions online causing anger on twitter. The songs message is said to rebuke the young’s minds who look for  shorter paths to success through ‘sponsors’.

So, who is a sponsor in this content? A sponsor is an elderly man or woman who is older enough to be the sponsored person’s father or mother and who finances all the activities of these ‘minors’ for sexual favors.

Jimmie Gait is well known for his hit songs ‘Muhadhara’ and ‘Appointment’ and now sponsor by Jimmy Gait

He is a contemporary gospel artiste who is not new to controversy. The recent song that also caused a anger on KOT (Kenyans On Twitter) is the hello cover by Adelle.

The song that left many thinking of the direction the gospel industry is taking is the Makekes (whatever it means) below is the song, be the judge.

Here is some of the messages online  sponsor by Jimmy Gait

eti “Sponsor” hugeuka na mwishowe anakuwa “Blesser”. The big question though is, is God present in that process?

Checkout the song below and be a judge

Going thru and meen got no chills.My Monday is turning out to be a bright one.

Jimmy Gait is on a lyrical dry spell. He’s lost it all. ALL!!!

I hope he is seeing this cause this is musical cancer

“TWERKusifu kila Siku juu wewe ni SPoNSoR utuepushe na Shetani ni FiSi ”

in a few weeks atatoa lyrics za

Don’t be surprised if utaskia yesu ni shigide shigide

Kuria na waititu waliomba milango ya pangani ikafunguka

ilikua ni juzi tu, nilikua kwa dryspell

Muhadhara this guy aint 🇰🇪 he should be deported back to wherever he came from.

Kaa kwa Yesu usichukuliwe kama Eurobond

This weather finally has made most of us understand why swahili call marriage kupata jiko

Mungu hananga mood swings



Makeeke song below




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