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This is how Jacob Juma’s case ended.

by Fichuzi News


Jacob Juma has made a name for being the prophet of his death. He cried out that some senior people in government were planning to kill him. In particular, he mentioned the deputy president was obsessed with plans to kill him.
When he died, his twitter posts were circulated all over the media. The deputy president on a visit to some place in Central Kenya said that he is not responsible for anybody’s death.
The claims by the police about how he was killed remained shallow. There are reasons to believe the same. First, the type of car he had was bullet proof. Secondly, the scene of murder did not look like one. He must have been murdered somewhere and taken near Lang’ata school. That aside, the people who work around the place did not hear any gun shots in the air. How and where was he murdered?
When the police were summoned to do their investigations they could cite CCTV footages along some paths that the businessman had used on the fateful day. Several ladies were mentioned in the case. At the time of his murder, the ladies never featured. Otherwise, it would have been like that of Willie Mwangi, the client and his driver. Witnesses to such deaths are always massacred as a way of eliminating leads to evidence.
On their presentations, the CID officers said they could not figure out who the murderers were. That is how we forgot the case. It is highly likely the case will be terminated without the know-how of Kenyans. Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula had said he would mention those who had killed the activist. During the burial, he failed, why? Was he also afraid of his life?
This country is full of crimes and far from redemption. Decisions that people will make to revive the land will both be painful and life-costing. To revive it, people must not fear assassinations. Good things do not come freely. Jakob Juma was a strong man who condemned corruption in the strongest ways possible. He threatened to mention those behind the Eurobond saga, a move which is also claimed to have cost him his life.
It remains a promise, investigations of his murderers a promise. The good promises are terminated by planned deaths as the bad ones disappear under the dynamics of politics of Kenya. It is not lost on us that George Mungai and George Thuo had also died under shadowy settings. Their deaths are yet to be explained. It is time to fear for our country.

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