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ISIS in France?

by Fichuzi News

Last year in November 27th, the entire world stood with France when they were attacked by the ISIS group. Grenades were thrown in clubs as assassins had their time killing innocent people. It is not clear how the attack was organized. What remains incomprehensible is the exactness with which the group coordinated their attack. The three attacks all happened at the same time.

A total of a hundred and fifty people died in that attack. The president vowed to revenge on the attackers. We must however realize it is difficult to find the attackers. They are smart people. Even the entire world is looking for the White Widow, Samantha Lethwaite.

Not a year has elapsed and they are on France again. A Question that preoccupies our minds is why it has to be France. The world has woken up to bad news of France being attacked again. A truck driver drove to a crowd and killed 84 people. The driver was then killed by a police officer.

This attack comes days after serious security had been beefed in the country during the Euro 2016 finals. Before then, it was rumored that the games would have been played with the stadium empty. The country then managed to improve security and the stadia were full.

The jihadist group was smart enough to ensure they strike after the country had presumed peace and tensions ended. That is after the games. But why France?

France is one of the powerful countries that are known for manufacturing weapons. Their security is as well advanced. They are smart in their operations. There is a reason why the ISIS group is attacking them frequently.

ISIS have a notion that they need to displace AL-Qaeda as the most authoritative and fatal Jihad clutch. It consequently means they have to exterminate more people to prove their worth. To do that, they attack the most powerful, instills more fear and make the world believe of their ability.

Finally, it is in a move to deter the powerful nations from getting into Syria and France for peace keeping. Powerful nations have been tossing for a terror free world. They have provided both material and muscular support to countries facing opposition from terror groups.

Central Europe and America will face more attacks from these groups. They are some of the most powerful and remain aims of terror groups. That is a pity for the whole world. Maybe, the last days are here with us.

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