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Isaac Ruto Confronts William Ruto again!!

by Fichuzi News


Isaac Ruto has been on news as a rebel from the South Rift as matters politics are concerned. He is a close ally of Moi Gideon and a thorn in the flesh in Jubilee Alliance. The alliance is said to be getting ready to form a formidable political vehicle that will take it to the next general elections.

During the Kericho senatorial by-election that was in the month of March, he campaigned for a different candidate other than what his party leader was campaigning for. The elections, which they claimed was rigged (and appeared true) were won by the jubilee party candidate.

The Rift Valley has from that time remained a hot bed. Leaders are trying to prove that their beacons are the strongest. Ruto William has pitched his on the Jubilee Party that is yet to be launched. Isaac and Gideon are trying hard to ensure KANU remains relevant in an area assumed to be its strongest base.

In a recent event he presided over, the Bomet governor directly criticized the moves of the Deputy President again. He had said in a speech that somebody would have looked for what to do instead of launching projects started and completed by his government. Ruto William is said to have commissioned the working of some electric installations done by the governor. He advised the Jubilee’s second most senior man to stop his attacks on Moi Gideon as well.

William Ruto has been on news for having insulted verbally the Baringo senator, Gideon Moi. It seems the people are not happy with him. A senator, who had called a press briefing reminded him to stop his attacks on the son of the professor of politics.

These moves cannot be ignored. They are pointers to what would happen in future to the political control of the deputy president. If he wants to vie for the presidency without much opposition from his region, he should address the issues that are currently causing disagreements with the local leaders. Without such moves, he might make the Isaac Ruto and Moi Gideon to gain ground and stage an attack, so lethal for his presidential ambitions.

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