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Isaac Hassan says 19 counties to experience violence in next election

by Fichuzi News


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Isaac Hassan is still in office as the IEBC Chair. He has had a troubling time in the last days over the poor management of the 2013 elections. The opposition has been hinting his disability in chairing another election in this republic.

However, before his removal from office, he still has to serve the country as the head of the Boundaries and Electoral commission. For such reasons he has to give details of the next election and what they expect of them

Kenya, having been polarized by our leaders through political rhetoric that do not add value to our economy is sad to be a hotbed for violence. The IEBC Chair has mentioned areas he feel would likely be marred by chaos in the next year’s general elections.

The counties named are nineteen and people are warned to be vigilant and keep themselves safe during the election period. In an interview by Jeff Koinange in Kempinski he said they are ready to contain the situation.

In doing so, he urged the political players to be vigilant and work out proper ways of keeping the country peaceful before their elections. The interviewer did not however ask him to mention the counties but according to what we went through in 2007 we can guess which counties he meant.

When information comes from an expert, we would better follow their advice. It is proper and well put that we all preach peace. Some coalition has said they would not go to the Supreme Court following disappointments from the 2013 proceedings. An interpretation of that information means they will not be able to accept any defeat next year.

When a coalition fails to accept defeat it would be easy to use such a moment to charge and polarize our country. We have come out of a risky place and would not want to back to the same.

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