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Intellectual dishonesty exhibited by Melinia Trump as she plagiarizes speech

by Fichuzi News

Presidential hopefuls in America have always gained a lot from their wives. They present a good image to their campaign team. During their introductions, they do give speeches that will either raise or bring down the profile of their husbands and win them more support. It depends on the oratory skills. That is the opposite of Kenya. We have to ally ourselves with tribal kingpins to make it to the house top-hill.

Currently in America, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on a horse race to the white house. As is expected, Donald had to introduce his wife. Hilary had to introduce her husband.

The Republican Party had a rally on Monday night when the wife to Donald Trump was invited. In her introduction, Melania, Donald’s wife, had done a speech that left several people happier and supportive. She did not know that the media was watching her.

Media personnel immediately, in their comparison to what Mitchell Obama had said in 2008 realized some similarity.

plag_trumps wife

Photo of the plagiarized speech: courtesy of CNN

For a long time I have always said that media personnel can dig your grave and burry your personality. Trump and his wife have theirs ruined. The speech was plagiarized.

From CNN to other international media, the speech has been going round and the similar parts highlighted to show the level of dishonesty that Melania had shown. In a separate interview, she admitted that the speech as written by her. How could she plagiarize a speech written by another man’s wife?

Education is an important thing. Melania has shown how illiterate human beings can be. Writing a good speech for a person of her caliber would have been an easier thing. Why did she not hire a writer? Or did she hire one who had plagiarized what Mitchell had said long ago? Not clear who was wrong. In her normal sense, she would have done extensive research to avoid plagiarism cases. It is a matter of intellectual dishonesty that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Below is a screen shot of what went round as having been plagiarized.

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