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Infinix Mobile taking over Samsung

by Fichuzi News

In the era of globalization, we have made tremendous steps. The inventions coming day by day indicate a stronger urge to make connections faster from computers and mobile phone.

What most people do not know is that satellite developments contributed a lot. It has enabled the internet faster and easier to use. Long ago, the computer was the only device that could connect to the internet. By then it was slower. Developments have improved with 5G launched in China.

The mobile phone rocked the internet industry gradually. Today, they are in the computers league. However, the touchscreen gadgets have been an extraordinary revolution.

When Android phones were introduced, a few people would afford them. They were for the upper class. Today, lifestyle is not in the type that one has but how posh and lustrous it is. It is this mobile phone invention that killed Nokia, the onetime colossal manufacturer.

Samsung did a proper research and caught competitors unaware, terrorized them, garnered all the profits. When Tecno came in they decided to play with graphics. It worked. This is theatrical.

I loved science and specifically physics. Woe unto you if you hate Physics. It has enabled development of every scientific gadget. It has reduced their sizes from the earliest and largest computers to smaller ones. Laptops are no longer heavier though functionality improves.

Infinix just did a super investments in compressing technology. They came with weight-watched and sleeker phones. People love sleek technology. They all changed their minds. Samsung market command reduced. They must do something to remain competitive. Unless that happens, they will join Nokia as a one-time giant who was dwarfed.


The other problem Samsung phones may face is their inability to solve memory issues. Their phones develop memory lapses when they get older. I have not heard of any complaint from Infinix users.

With this development, more companies will need to improve on their gadgets. It is however not clear what they will improve on. It may be on their batteries’ lifespan, internet connectivity and more. It is however thought-provoking to see the game re-counting.

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