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Hassan Wario in trouble over divorced wife upkeep

by Fichuzi News

Men have done what was not expected of them from the times of creation. There was instruction that they reproduce and fill the earth. Because of the hardships that have rocked the world, care for the young ones is a recommended thing. It is the role of the father to provide. A few have avoided this command.

Fathers must ensure their wives have enough food, children go to school and every basic need in the house provided. Women are to submit, something a majority of them have failed to ensure happens.

Hassan Wario is Kenya’s Sports Cabinet Secretary. According to sources, he was married to a woman (name not disclosed) from 1997 to 2012. The ex-wife is demanding an upkeep from him. It is not clear why the matter would not be brought to court earlier. Reliable sources reported that the constitutionalism of the matter could not be determined by the court.

hassan wario

Above: Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario

If decisions are made in favor of the woman, then Hassan Wario will pay a sum of four hundred thousand per month as was demanded. Failure to grant the same will be embarrassing to the woman. How she has been maintaining her life until now is not known.

Finally, more drama could be expected from this if gender support organizations like FIDA step into the matter. Women have always received support from these organizations in cases similar to this and child abandonment. Mention of children was not in the case which close followers still hope of determination. Meanwhile, it remains a clear issue that public figures and Cabinet Secretaries get themselves in such trouble often.


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