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What happened to Tatu City development?

by Fichuzi News

Tatu City

When advertised, Tatu City architectural plan was a magic on earth. The drawing and design was completely eye-catching as people were cajoled of its coming. They wanted the development to take place faster than they advertised. Unfortunately, even the Two Rivers Mall that was not advertised came up faster than expected.

Years have passed before it is started. What does that tell us? Planning and execution are not brothers. One will always affect the other. More danger looms if it is a negative one, just like Tatu.

The three partners to the development plan disagreed. They have been the obstacles to their own ambitions. They failed, are failing and might just fail in future. Developing an over-the-top real estate, Tau has become a massive failure because of the graft and under-table players by some of the partners.

Featuring Bidco CEO Vamil Shah and Nahashon Nyaga as some of the partners, the development was expected to pick up and reach best levels of completion ever witnessed in Kenya. Nevertheless, when things turned sour, they only reminded us of the famous saying that “the beauty of a house is not on the doors, you must get in to see”. They broke the walls and showed us the in-house of their dirty deal.

After they convinced investors and well-wishers into buying land, which was cheap then, they failed to execute the move accordingly. The members did not take into account the political dynamics and complications that would rock them later. They need to know that this is Kenya.

From that time to date, the project has faced massive threats from court cases to disagreements within the partners. In courts, a section of them were represented by Abdel Nassir who is known to be thorough. It is a pity for the developers who are known for their excellent performance in other corporate bodies. Their failure in this plan indicates that everybody is bound to fail in any project they might want to take.

How prepared are you to execute your plans? See an example of failure from here.


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