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Are We ‘Growing’ Crime In Nairobi

by Fichuzi News

It is mid-term in most schools. The supermarkets will be full with uniformed, innocent and determined young girls and boys. They are buying what they need to complete the term. I think whoever introduced this was wise. Students get time to rest, stock their bags with food as the school expects them to carry fee arrears on their way back.

Somewhere between Accra Road and Latema Road in Nairobi is full of clubs. They are not real restaurants, though they bear the names. Young girls and boys are getting in and out. I pose to ask my friend what is going on. To my surprise they are students, in secondary schools. All are under 18 years, except for their bodies’ sizes (thanks to the unhealthy chips, kuku, bhajia, sausage and sodas).


The next part of our walk to Gikomba is full of different stories of the city, as well as trying to escape any knock by the city drivers. The city drivers are in some hell on earth, they must be making sacrifices to the highway gods. After buying a few things in Gikomba, we move to the very end where there are hotels (they are the kibanda types).

As we eat, my friend utters the word tired. I quickly figure the journey and conclude as him. What has made us tired is the entire quagmire from town to Gikomba. I try successfully to shift the story and ask him what he thinks is wrong with the students we had seen in and out of a club.


In our long discussion, we unanimously conclude it is not the students or the parents who failed. Neither can it be teachers. For some time I inquire what happens in the clubs after discovering there are lots in the town. It is food, alcohol and sex. At that age!

It is general knowledge that these students will not make it in academics. We are not cursing them, but these are facts(You do not need rocket science to know that). Once they fail, they will become idle, unproductive, prostitutes and criminals. From them we will have thieves, gangs, semi-illiterate people, lazy people, most of whom will have diseases, we well know their dangers.


Crimes in Nairobi by Minors

The entire system is headed for a criminal society. By the time it will be their time to show their children what to do, it will be late. I see young people who have kept their morals upright in their bid to make ends meet in an unjust and difficult times. Theirs will be a daunting task.


The solution is simple and difficult. Parents must be the role models. There is some notion that children are not to be punished. That is your choice, but remember, spoil the child when the rod is ignored. Let parents keep on the good ways of upbringing they had long ago. Let the children be reminded to keep themselves pure. A proverb says, “An antelope danced itself mad before the real dancing hour”. It will be the responsibility of the child to figure out and follow what is right. Nobody would ever be happy to see their child have a spoilt future.

If you succeed in making good the generation of your child, it will go to your great grandchildren. We are tired of crime we have developed ourselves.

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