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Government to shut down Facebook and Whatsup during examination period

by Fichuzi News


Last year, examination leakage was a serious matter. The channels that it reached people were through social media platforms. The matter appeared to have been ignored at first but it became serious as people confirmed the leakages as true papers.
When the results were out, the performance appeared higher than we knew or expected. They were mentioned as degrading the quality of education we have in our country.
As a method of curbing such trends, social media should be banned. Whatsup becomes the easiest way of circulating the papers. A photo is taken and sent to the teachers who then pass them to students. The process continues until they get to Facebook.
The best way to curb examination cheating is to ban social media sites for that period of time. In an environment where people are using them to cheat in examinations, it is necessary that they are guarded.
To guard examination circulation through social media, the state needs to shut down these sites. Kenyans have loved them so much that if they hear of their banning, they would struggle and ask the state to award them their rights.
There are more sites that would need banning. They include Instagram and telegram among others. Maybe, we will see proper and genuine results in their examinations. The quality of education will improve.
Our education system has been rigorous. It is also wanting. Though our brains are underutilized. Kenyans also do not love to read. They tend to like easy-coming things. That is not what we are born of. Even the Bible says we would need to toil to have food on the table. Education is one of the ways of making food available on our tables. The students would need to work hard and ensure they restore the glory of our education. If possible, the government can raise the university entry points to levels it were in before.

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