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Gospel Music and Choice

by Fichuzi News

We all have some type of music we love and can listen to occasionally. In the same measure, the world does not run short of ways to accessing music. Since the conception of music by Lucifer, (you know this guy?) who ceased to be an angel of God, a lot has been done to music. The original concept behind music was for praise. That, I think, makes it reasonable to believe why it comes early in the bible.

Towards the end of the Bible, in Revelation, we are told that singing will be a major business in heaven (Chapter 14:2-3). Those who have good knowledge of the Bible can link Revelation to Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and more to explain heavenly singing. The work of preachers might end here on earth, so do your best to get the most from them. And with reference to the Bible, I am reminding you that a time is coming when you will look for the Word and not find it.

Music, especially gospel, raise us to God. Apart from them, there are serious pieces that are secular but have lifestyle lessons. They were loved by our great grandfathers. You remember those days when the radio had some cloth cover? Yes, those days.

When one would listen to the words in music, master them and sing along with the artists, it was a different experience altogether. One would feel great for knowing the song. Secondly, they would get preached to. Just as prayer, music are also of different types. There are praise, worship, meditative and more.

An era of music artists have existed and will exist. Talent is displayed, in a lovey fashion. I try to imagine the singing that we will have in heaven. I conclude to call it immaculate before I update my vocabulary database. Some of the artists that are well known to us locally are Rose Muhando, Angela Chibalonza, Christina Shusho, Neema Mwaipopo, Esther Wahome, Bonny Mwaitege and more. Internationally there are Jim Reeves, Bill Gaither and Brenda Fassie to mention a few. Their way of singing has preached far and wide to the weary souls. There are criticisms though, of some music artists. Their conduct is both wanting and unbecoming.

The invention of bongo, lingala, blue, rock and reggae changed several things. Artists who originally did these songs changed to gospel thereby carrying the same way of music but changing the words. The usual story is being saved, receiving Jesus and claiming to us that they are praising the Lord for what He has done in their lives.

The instrumentals, the dancing, the video shooting is all messed. Dancing for God should not be secular, instruments should not overpower the music for they activate some of our senses. It is because the senses will not be holy, thereby rendering the entire music vague.

The dressing code of a musician should leave a lot to imagination (that’s literature). The video shooting may not even benefit us. If it must be done, let it not be to impress the masses. That’s not the intention of music. It actually ought not to exist.

What accompanies the words are important for the full realization of the purpose of music. Otherwise, I would pose and wait for this to sink before I explain the next item about gospel music.

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