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GitHub down due to issues related to storage

by Fichuzi News

Developer platform GitHub has been down for hours due to data storage issues. According to GitHub’s status message board, the issue began around 10 PM ET on Sunday. Some users are facing login errors while others are not able to see their commits.

The company acknowledged the issue saying “We’re failing over a data storage system in order to restore access to GitHub.com.” GitHub also said on the status board that the team is working on migrating the database to get the website up and running.

Background jobs remain paused as we near completion of validation of data consistency. — GitHub Status (@githubstatus)


Meanwhile, users are flocking to Twitter to rant about it.

Here are some of their rants:

Meanwhile at Github HQ


  Classic philosophical question: How GitHub will push the fix if GitHub is down

 am i the only one experiencing issues committing code updates to github…anyone?..😰

 I’ve never seen this one before.

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