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The forty year old man who has never put on shoes since his birth

by Fichuzi News


Shoes are an important part of life. We are not living in the old days when people had not ways of making shoes. After the improvement of technology people decided to wear shoes as a way to protect the legs against several things. There is however a man who has never had shoes.

Mrisho Mpoto is a proverbial singer. His songs are full of proverbs and parting shots that have confronted the society of their misbehavior. Some of his best songs are Waite, Ashanteni Kwa kuja, Nikipata Nauli among others.

The named man has never worn shoes. Born in the seventies, he is likely to be more than forty years now. When asked about the same he says he has a natural way of interacting with the earth. He adds that when he interacts naturally with the earth, he will be to gain the natural wisdom that comes with nature.

In occasions when he is invited to events by the state, he goes without shoes. An example is in state hose when he was invited by former president Jekaya Kikwete. In another occasion, he traveled to Germany to translate a book from English to Kiswahili, he went without shoes. If you offer him money to buy shoes, he will most likely buy a book written by Shaaban Robert.

That is his lifestyle. Try the same for three days while you live in a city or town, then the following week we would have buried you. It will not be possible with you. That is how lifestyle defines us. It is not possible to live another person’s life. It is better to maintain and live yours which would be fascinating to others. For Mrisho Mpoto, he is an example that cannot be outdone.

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