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Find out why prezzo was arrested this time round

by Fichuzi News

When gasoline meets fire, nobody would want to explain what happens. We are sure of the case being fatal. The two are good friends but fire always end the existence of gasoline as gasoline supports the fire in achieving its mightiness. Irony.

Musicians and celebrities have issues with their personality. How they carry out themselves is an issue that the public censures all the times.

Prezzo has hit headlines of misconduct when high. He could be having a problem of handling himself or the problem could be in handling his alcohol.

Jackson Makini popularly known as Prezzo is a music artist. Late last year, he had caused a Facebook buzz when he misconducted himself while on a TV interview hosted by Betty Kyalo (the then wife to Denis Okari) of KTN.  Prezzo had begged for more greetings than Betty wanted to offer and behaved in a manner not socially accepted. He had trespassed boundaries and unhealthily touched Betty. He commented on her figure, dress and hair. People said it immoral for him to talk to an already tethered gazelle as if she was a grazing goat.

Recently, about three day ago, he got into the hands of the police. It was either the law or indiscipline having its way. The law had to win to compare to fire. Prezzo had harassed a Nyayo resident with a gun when he could not be offered a free ride. Of what command has he to somebody over his or her car? That is a matter of pride.

Upon refusal, the Nyayo resident (who remains anonymous) was threatened by a gun. The police would later come to his rescue and book Prezzo at the Embakasi police station. He is to appear in court on Monday 18th. People are waiting for the outcome.

The prerogative question is whether the Embakasi resident will be safe after all is ended. He might just be trailed and slain as several people are not to interfere with “huge” people in this republic. This idea of applying the law on the unfortunate members’ of the society should stop. For Prezzo, he should mind his characters or his drugs. He would better mind both.

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