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Find out why millionaires dress simply

by Fichuzi News

Millionaires dress simply. Here’s why.

The dress is something associated with class and class is linked to income. It could be an inverse or direct proportion. Some people dress too expensively as others take it simply. There are some people who dress depending on the occasion.  It is, however, a common thing to see people with high incomes dress simply.

There is one characteristic with millionaires. Taking it simple in life. They have stayed in cheap houses, dressed simply and drove simpler cars. But why?

A millionaire spends a lot of time dirtying himself or herself. Nobody becomes a millionaire by being clean. Most are not office workers. They make it by travelling, doing most of the work by their hands. The majority have never been on clean jobs.

Consider a photographer who walks in the wild trying to gather clips for animal documentaries. How long do they stay in the field? What do they put on? How frequently do they wash their garments? He will be in jeans and t-shirts most times. When cold, a jumper and a raincoat might rescue him. They take months doing the same. Don’t expect them to be on official clothes all that time.

Scientifically, millionaires have been found to be thinking a lot over their works and ways to improve them. They do not have time for their clothes and what they drive. Besides, it will save them time and energy on such matters. Their time is spent on improving businesses.

Apart from preserving their energy, they don’t like being recognized. They would want the business to be seen, not them. That is why they make the business gorgeous and visible. They have a belief that they are not very important and doing the same dress daily will be enough.

In most cases, people are judged by how they dress. Some spend a lot of money on a dress. Other people are however not comfortable dressing in simpler clothes. They believe their self-esteem will be lowered and bruised. They need to change their attitude and pass the right information both on their dress and what they drive.

Maybe, the only people allowed to dress that style are leaders like presidents and news anchors.

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