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You Fear The Truth? This World Is Not Your Home.

by Fichuzi News

Citizen Radio is one of the largest radio stations in Kenya. It has enough programs under the care of informed journalists with maintenance of principles of journalism. These presenters and anchors are trained to be disciplined and competent enough for the growing industry. Their lineups are real unlike some radio stations that appear to have stage-managed programs.

KBC is also in this league. Theirs must be the source of example to all other radio stations under the supervision of the state. Mention radio Maisha and I will rejoice to remember Hassan Ali and his efforts to ensure Kiswahili is learnt through his Saturday’s Nuru Ya Lugha Program.

After the normal radio news at 7pm in Citizen, serious programs follow within the next one hour till 8:15pm. Reports from the county based journalists, then the Voice of America News in Swahili. Finally, the Yaliyotendeka program by Waweru Mburu follows. The program is a masterpiece of a fifteen minutes analysis of politics and life. Politics has always taken more of the airtime than any other thing.

Mburu says things as they are. He fears nobody. He says the wrongs of both political divides. One of his famous sayings is the monkeys being the same but forests changed. He finalizes with a proverbial parting shot in which “ukweli ingawa chungu, niambie sinifiche” wins position one in my best proverbs from him.

Every time Waweru Mburu speaks he is criticized based on one’s political affiliation. In April he pointed to Phillip Etale some issues he need to deal with in the Orange Party. The criticisms he faced could not be numbered. Political hatred took the entire system until I forgot whether it was a war against Waweru or political enemies of JUBILEE and CORD.

That is not the only instance when the truth comes out. Fred Obachi Machoka has his Bakora ya Rogaroga on Saturday and Sunday. He points what is wrong and advices for a possible change. Any time Miguna speaks the truth, he is avoided as a prodigal son. When Charles Keter pointed to corruption during the construction of the standard gauge railway he was dismissed. Finally, listen to Mrisho Mpoto of Tanzania in all his songs, Waite being one of them and you will know how truth hurts.

Many times we are told that our friends are those who will tell us the truth. We have never taken this into practice. Nobody can come out and tell their friends when they err. In the same manner our friends shy from telling us the truth. That is where the problem starts. We can never change the society.

To change the society, we are also advised that we change ourselves. How will we change ourselves without this change of shyness? We must stop being shy to be able to change the rest. The truth hurts but we must say it. Say the truth and accept the truth. When corrected once, we shall be able to master the correction and take much care in subsequent situations that might compromise what we were told. Otherwise this world may not be your home.

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