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Before the end of his honeymoon, Dennis Momanyi has died!

by Fichuzi News

Recce squad and flying squads are Kenya’s most intelligent fighters. They are used as a last resort. Their mission is to get into buildings and act as a retaliatory force. The Recce are known for their calculations. They never disappoint. It is a group of around six to ten officers, properly trained.

The attack of police in Kapenguria comes at a time when Dennis had just been married for a month. He works with the Recce Elite squad. When the police in Kapenguria were attacked by their colleague, the Recce team had to be sent to relieve them from the bond of war.

First, it is to be noted that the officer was on leave and only showed at an unexpected time. It is said he wanted to release one of the suspects held hostage at the police cells for being an Al Shaabab sect. the alleged man was a teacher who had been found in procession of compromising materials that would have been linked to the terror group.

More details point to constant communications with the rogue police officers. The behaviors of the police was under monitor as he had been doubted for his moves. It is reported that when he proceeded to open the cells he could not find the arrested teacher. Before he could escape, other officers rose to the occasion and thwarted his moves.

The arrival of recce squad officers then finalized the scanty ordeal. With their intelligence in war, they managed to corner the assassin and killed him. Unfortunately, one of them going by the name Dennis Momanyi was shot dead. He had just wedded a month ago.

This is an unfortunate incident to the family, the in-laws and the wife. One month after a wedding is short. The honeymoon is not yet ended. He is gone.

News of attacks that are linked to terrorist groups are worrying, as it reminds us of Mpeketoni, Garrisa University and the soldiers killed in El Ade. Connect this with what France is going through and you’ll be traumatized.

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