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Where is Emmy Kosgei? Find out here!

by Fichuzi News

Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei goes down in history as a musician from the Kalenjin community who had done some of the best music and videos. Her songs were marveling, from Oloolo and others. All her songs are gospel.
She got married to a Nigerian tycoon in what had looked like a fall for the pocket and not the heart. She however cleared the air of all the claims of any gold digging.
In one occasion she was given a BMW X6 as a gift by the husband. That caused a buzz in social media as was expected of Kenyans.
After her wedding she has settled in her house and is at peace. It has to be made clear that her private life is not so much exposed. The issue of her wedding came out because of being a celebrity. Otherwise, Kenyans would have demanded for clarifications if it were done in private. The Nigerian husband also had a huge following, making the maters complicated to hide.
It is not in our interest to dig deep into the matter. Her life is currently sealed in her family and should not be exposed much. There are people who do not like revealing much about their lives. They would love to keep everything to them. It reaches a time when people would ask of their whereabouts.
It is an advice to those who love uncovering their lives to the public. Private life is demands being kept remote. Otherwise it would have been called public life. Nevertheless, the social media uprising has brought a lot of publicity and attention seeking. People advertise on Facebook, Whatsup, Instagram and other sites. This is not what making oneself known. Unless one is passing important information they are unnecessary sites to tell us of what they are doing, eating and where they are traveling to. Anyway, what would it benefit us when you tell us that you are taking fish?

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