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Drinking MP Chris Wamalwa exposed in Rio!

by Fichuzi News


Our society is full of mystery. Our leaders appear to lack sense at times. Our people have hatred burning in their hearts. The gods are not happy with us. We messed somewhere.

The Olympics are going on currently in Rio, Brazil. Our athletes arrived latest after completing their training.

A Member of Parliament by name, Chris Wamalwa has appeared in photos drinking and dancing with some lady in Rio. It is not explained whom the lady is. She could be a harlot r the wife or a girlfriend. We are yet to get the truth.

The Member of Parliament who has been spotted carrying a drink, which appears alcoholic disputed the claims saying it is a Photoshop. He added that those are antics of ODM bloggers who want to gain fame by spreading propaganda. The simple question is, who would want to use his name to gain fame?

ODM bloggers are well known. They include Robert Alai, Seth Odongo, Lee Makwiny, Walter Akilla and a few other. They have thousands of followers. Using Chris Wamalawa’s photo to gain fame is a futile affair.

For the Member of Parliament, if the photo is true, irrespective of where it was taken then he needs to do some cleansing of his morals. It would be absurd to see one who was elected by thousands of people misbehave in public.

To the voters, they need to vet properly their leaders so that they do not fall victims of bad characters after the ballot. For our country, it is a pity, whatever the case.

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