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Measures Taken by Kenya to curb Corona Virus

by stepkans

After a long afloat of ‘African countries are not getting infected as per the expected rate by the western countries’, Kenya reported its first case on 13th March 2020. It was one 27 year old lady who had travelled from the US via London. The government as expected, identified and isolated the number of people she had come into contact with during her stay.

Further on the 15th March, two more people who were reported to have sat next to the initial patient during her flight tested positive as confirmed by Mutahi Kagwe, Cabinet Secretary for health bringing it to three cases.

These events did set Kenyans into a panic mode and the government was quick to put various measures in place to contain the situation. Some Kenyans went ahead to panic shop.  The Kenyan Government authorised closure of schools, prohibition of public gatherings, and closure of the Kenyan border with the exception to citizens and legal residents.

On 16th March 2020, Cyrus Oguna, the government spokesman reported of three suspected cases whose results would be released upon testing.

On 17th, the fourth case was reported through the Health Cabinet Secretary.

Later on the 18th, three more cases were confirmed via the CS bringing us to a total of 7 cases.

On the 22nd, eight more cases were confirmed bringing the confirmed cases to a total of 15. The government stated that it was looking for 363 people who had come into contact with the 8.

On the 23rd, one more case was confirmed making it a total of 16.  

On 24th, 9 more cases were confirmed, making a total of covid-19 cases to 25.

Measures Put In Place By The Government:

  • Closure of all schools
  • Public and private sector workers instructed to work from home unless it necessary for one to be physically present
  • Travel restrictions for non-residents from entry into the country through closure of borders
  • Kenyan residents and nations directed to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days
  • Suspension of international flights effective 25th March midnight exception of cargo flights
  • Everyone entering the country was required to undergo quarantine under a chosen government facility upon arrival
  • Any person that violated quarantine measures would be forcefully quarantined at their own expense irrespective of their social or political orientation
  • Bars were closed down until further notice
  • Restaurants were to remain open only for takeout services.
  • Public means of transportation required to adhere to passenger distancing guidelines as specified
  • Churches, funerals, mosques and other gatherings restricted to a maximum of 15 persons
  • Weddings banned

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