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Controversy over the ownership of Winners chapel!

by Fichuzi News


Winners’ Chapel is a church. I am yet to know what they won. It has an origin from Nigeria. The entire world knows about it. However, controversies have rocked the ministry and the leadership. The church pioneer has been in many occasions cited for some misconduct and acts of drug dealing.
The church has the largest worshiping house in Kenya. Earlier, it was stationed along Ngong’ road near prestige plaza. When they go some piece of land, they built along Mombasa road. When valued, the building would possibly cost billions.
In building a church, the people do contribute for the project. That was different for this church. People only attended and began to worship without questioning how it was built. The sources of finances are not known. That is the condition and state throughout the world. Is the owner of the church in some illegal businesses?
It is suspected that the man behind the church is untouchable. Any interference with his affairs would lead you to your final resting place. The thought of speaking ill about him, is a crime and one should not have suspicious looks that would suggest the same.
The questions that make people wonder are the free rides that people are given from town to the church. Worshipers are only to go to town and they will be picked and taken to the church. Somewhere near Kencom are buses lined up and people getting into them. This is a free ride every Sunday. After the church service, they are sure to be transported back to town. That is fascinating. But how?
The preaching of the church is about prosperity. The world is a desperate place where people would be looking for wealth to be happy. Worshipers appear to have been hoodwinked to go to the church and gain some wealth. Whether they gain it or not remains their issue. They will need to give testimonies. Who takes care of the spiritual needs of these people?
These are issues and hard questions that people do ask about the church. If they are true about the owner and founder, then we need the grace of God to come down and guide us. Finally, it is not clear whether the church is located on a road reserve or not. It may just be another case of a church being demolished.

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