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Congolese Musician detained in Mombasa

by Fichuzi News


Congo and their musician are becoming interesting people. After the deportation of Olo Mide, another rascal has been detained in Kenya, Mombasa for failure to settle bills. The musician, Defao had some performance in Mombasa where he is said to have failed to settle his dues. Defao is a former Genral who invested in music after his retirement.

After performing in Blubs Bob Nyali, the musician has been detained in the same apartments. He accuses his organizers for an unfair deal. He has been asking the Kenyan authorities for his ad so that he would be released immediately.

Musicians and bills are similar terms. Most of them do perform and then leave the site. Their bills are always done by other people. These organizers have sometimes misbehaved and bills left for the musicians themselves.

When they do the same thing, the musicians find themselves in a hard position and they can be arrested and detained, just as in this case. It is quite sad that a Congolese musician has found himself in the prison line. Kofi Olomide’s case was a disheartening one. However, this could be different because of the different situation of their arrests. Olomide assaulted a musician. Defao has been linked to unsettled debts.

This should be a warning to other musicians and artists who let their bills be paid by the organizers. Some organizers are malicious and would land one into serious trouble. It is wise to handle the bills by themselves or ensure everything is okay before the performance. Having done this for a long time, they are sure to detect anywhere there would be errors.

In case the organizers are guilty, they should be charged for inconvenience and defamation to the musician. These should stop in the future and artists should sign proper deals. It does not benefit anybody to make a musician inconvenient in another country.

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