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Coffee is more dangerous than tobacco!

by Fichuzi News


Beverages that we take have two major contents. They contain caffeine and nicotine. These are two most dangerous components that are not to be consumed by a normal human being. Normal, in this case, means one who is not a smoker or drinks. However, coffee has been found to have serious health effects than tobacco.
Coffee is strong in caffeine. It is a dangerous stimulant and would keep somebody awake for long. When people say they would take coffee to remain awake, they do not know what keeps them awake. Most think it is the consumption of the hot drink that will keep him active and revive his diminishing energy. That is a wrong belief.
The caffeine content in the drink is said to be in higher proportions than in other beverages. When we take coffee as a drink, it gets into our system. Because we are not taking it by smoking as in tobacco, it goes into the digestive system on a daily basis. At some time, our respiratory, digestive and other systems begin to act in tension. It is the effect of this drink. Just as in smoking, the respiratory organs get more contaminated by these chemicals. In the long run, the effect would quickly take one to the grave.
The effect of coffee is never realized as immediate as it is taken. It takes a longer time before its effects are observed. Meanwhile, it destroys the inner systems. By the time we realize how it came to our bodies, we will be dead bodies. That is why some people would understand cases of cancer in the advanced stage, and they have a shorter period to live before they treat the disease.
As a preventive measure, it is better for one to avoid the drink as much as possible. The alternative would be chocolate and soya drinks. They are safer to take, though at minimal levels. To be safer, it would be better if one bought millet and dry cassava, grind and make a healthy breakfast of porridge. It is natural and more traditional than the packed porridge flour.

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