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Cockroach milk more nutritious than cow’s milk!

by Fichuzi News


Scientists enjoy coming up with crazy research findings. I have never believed these guys, though I am one of them.
While taking a digital stroll on Facebook, I stumbled upon a post by one of local dailies. It read in bold that cockroach milk is of great benefits than cow’s milk. That prompted me to read and research in it.
Scientists have agreed that the milk from cockroach would become a great food for the future. A type of cockroach known as diploptera punctate is one of its kind (some botanical names are unimaginable). It produces milk as a way of feeding its young ones.
Apart from giving birth, it is more fascinating to notice the levels of nutritious proteins that is in them. It is said that the milk is of original and high-grade quality. The research was done by Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. We cannot marvel at the greatness of this research without questions.
First, what really inspired the scientists to do the research? I am not surprised they might just find nutritional benefits of snake poison. They are crazy and do have serious concerns with their research. That makes me believe academia is the widest of all fields human beings have ever found and did.
Secondly, who would take such milk? The sight of a frog is disgusting to many. It scares and can make women dye while screaming. Some are dangerous creatures and can harm. Keeping them in one’s compound will endanger several foodstuffs. Who is ready for that?
Finally, how will people milk cockroaches? How many cockroaches will we milk to even reach a liter?
These are hard questions and the scientists needed to consider them before they advised us of the benefits. It is high time they provided all the methodologies of practicing these nutrition issues. They are getting to levels that they will not be able to win our trust with their research. For now, we can wait and see the benefits. Let the researchers start us off.

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