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How Charity Ngilu will beat Mwalombe in the Kitui gubernatorial race

by Fichuzi News

Charity Ngilu has commanded the political calendar as a hardworking female leader. She got into politics in 1992 being elected as Member of Parliament on a Social Democratic Party ticket. She made history as the first female presidential candidate in 1997.

She has been an arduous force in her regional politics, always seen as a possible standby to Kalonzo Musyoka. Towards the 2007 general elections, Ngilu was part of the Pentagon Team in ODM. She served as the Minister for Health, Water and finally Lands.


When allegations of corruption hit her docket she was forced to resign awaiting investigations. One thing I am sure of is that her contribution to the future of Jubilee is ended. She is headed for another alliance, not sure which.

Ngilu hails from Kitui County. Her governor is Julius Mwalombe. In the next general election, the governor will face a stronger force on his race to retain the seat. Charity Ngilu has vowed to challenge him. The battleground is set.  David Musila, the Kitui Senator has also joined the race.

Winning the ticket to vie for the post would be easier for Ngilu because of her virtue of being a party leader. She is the Narc leader and would get a direct ticket. Mwalombe and Musila are all in Wiper Party. They will have the battle for the ticket a matter that might split the party if not well organized.


Out of the two, Mama Ngilu has a good political record and always strategizing. This is seen as an advantage to her.

The campaigns tools are that the people of Kitui has problems of water. The area is dry most times of the year. A leader will therefore need to strengthen their campaigns about the provisions of water and farming procedures in the area and to the residents. If elected and fails to do as promised, the same groundbreaker will face a similar problem in his or her next reelection bid.

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