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Charity begins at home, unfortunately we have failed as Kenyans.

by Fichuzi News

“We travelled to Dodoma, Zanzibar, Arusha, South Africa, and Maputo for our honeymoon”. Oh, I forgot to mention Dubai! Those are confessions of couples as they share the experiences of their weddings. They go as far as suggesting to others where to hold their honeymoons. That is good, as a photographer I know the experience of a new environment. It is pacifying and captivating and leaves one nostalgic.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Malindi, Naivasha, Nakuru have enough sites for the celebration of honeymoon and a love date as well. I don’t dismiss it is your choice with your money.

Get the picture of a journey from Nairobi to Kisii. You first come across splendid offices and structures from CBD to Westlands. You conclude glass is good and curse any earth tremors that would befall our city and shatter the glasses.

It is followed by the Kangemi and Mountain View Markets with the sight of fruits making you wish to stop and grab one, irrespective of price. The next part of the dual carriage highway is full of admirable housing and human features. After the Limuru left turn, you come across the forests and then Mai Mahiu Hills, developed from faulting.

The valley on your left looks scary and admirable at the same time. Ironical conflict!

Towards Ntulele and Narok are dry grazing fields and large wheat farms. This change of scene takes you up to Bomet where the climate changes and you begin to see trees, huge and beautiful, once more. From Keroka, your sight is disturbed by farm produce; sugarcane, bananas and pineapples. Meanwhile, the air you breathe is cool and fresh. Without struggle you notice how beautiful it is to stay upcountry.

The journey continues through a hilly and meandering road. You hit Keumbu and your vehicle stops for willing buyers to buy bananas and sugarcanes cheaply compared to Nairobi. When you reach Kisii, even on a sunny day, you don’t expect to sweat much as you would in Kisumu.

The atmosphere is cool. The trees contribute to significant radiation balance. Plus being a higher ground, you expect it to be cool. Such a journey is only Kshs. 800. One would then find a reasonable hotel and spend a night for approximately 500 and above, but before that one spends time walking round and studying the town.

The following day, one sets for a return journey under the same experience. Apart from the exposure one can purchase nutritional foods for healthy bodies.


Imagine doing that twice a month to Kisii, Eldoret, Bondo, Kakamega, Busia, Namanga, Nyeri, Karatina, Kericho and Meru. If we could tour our country we will know what it means to have it. Try it out and you might just discover an excellent place to have your honeymoon and develop our economy. Charity must start with us and let it extend to several things like sports. I am waiting for such a time when Nyayo stadium will be half full during a Thika United and Tusker FC game.

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