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Can anything good come from prosperity gospel preachers?

by Fichuzi News


Prosperity gospel according to Wikipedia is the health and wealth gospel. It is a religious belief among some Christians who hold financial and physical well-being as the will of God for them which in my opinion and through the study of the Bible is true. The problem comes when preachers dwell and emphasize on giving and seed sowing to receive blessings from God. Some go to the extent of threatening the congregation that if they do not give they are cursed and can never receive financial blessings.

Right Or Wrong?

Prosperity gospel preachers have become rampant in our time depending on your definition of prosperity gospel preachers. In my opinion, I find few things wrong with the preacher, audience are to blame more for the drama we see. The Bible is clear about giving and nobody has the mandate to force anyone to give unless convicted by God to give. Therefore for anyone to be giving because the preacher is demanding or threatening is very wrong.

It is sad to see that some people have been brainwashed to the extent of just sitting, listen to sermons and saying a big Amen! Give the little they had and expect a turnaround in their lives without working strategically towards their real goals in life. People need to wake up and realize that giving is good when done with understanding and not by following other people without checking to know if whatever they are saying is biblical or not.


Having said that, it is possible to learn and even benefit from prosperity gospel preachers if you are keen to know what works and what is meant to just excite a crowd. I have listened too many of them and in many instances I have found their sermons empowering. It is for one to discern and know how to react. We cannot dismiss the power of believe, therefore if you believe whatever they say without doubt, chances are something might change in your life for the better. What I am saying is, do not be too desperate to a point of being taken advantage of.

In my opinion, some good things can come from prosperity gospel preachers. You just need to be alert



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