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Attack on Recce foiled!

by Fichuzi News


The mention of Recce squad brings a sigh of relief and an iota of hope to over our security organs. When I say GSU, people squirm and tremble in fear and disgust. The GSU is a lethal force that deals with people crudely. The Recce happens to be an elite group trained under the GSU. They fight in dangerous places like people cornered in a building. They have appeared in the news as having saved lives in critical conditions.

News has reached Kenyans have received news of a planned but foiled attack on the Recce squad. They are headquartered in Ruiru. A man who had worked in this unit was said to be planning an attack on them.

Eric Ngethe is a man in the records as a dessert. A dessert is one who quits their job especially in the security sector without a formal process. Eric had ended his working with the group in 2014. According to intelligence reports, he has become a sympathizer and is said to have learned radical teachings by the Al Shabaab.

An attempt to arrest the man failed after he disappeared from his home in Githurai. Ammunition and cartridges were recovered. In the case of an attack, our officers would have died a mysterious death. Being the group that protects the president, we would have thought it is a ploy to instill fear into the people.

Apart from Recce, the other dangerous group that one cannot attack is the Flying Squad. The team works under CID and are experts in tracking done and slaying criminals. If they are sent to look for a criminal, the hidden command is always to bring him dead.

Once more the intelligence gathering body has to be applauded for a job well done. They have saved the lives of our officers. Kenyans should also keep the vigilance at these times when security is compromising.

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