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Atheist group in Kenya should be banned

by Fichuzi News


We insult God when we claim we do not believe in Him. It is a matter that will bring us down to our religious knees. We are trying to outdo the master. That is wrong?

A group calling itself Atheists is trying to confuse the public and souls about what we know of God. They suggest things can happen without Him. Such is a confusion that Satan has used to defile the world.

The group has held several celebrations and this year they were top of news when they had a dinner. Where are we heading as a country?

I understand that we have the freedom of worship and religion. This is not to be forced on anyone but a will and decision of the person himself. It is the irony of our country.

Look at our national anthem. It is a prayer that God will unite us and bring forth justice as shield and defender. To allow such a group to confuse the beliefs of the people is to generate a system that is not under the control of God. The conclusions from this is that of being in union or associations with Satan. It is the same as working for him.

Religion is undergoing a crisis currently. People who claim to be worshiping are far from the designs of worship themselves. They are not able to work out the ways that will show their Christianity. That is a mockery to our souls.

It will however take time to restore the sanity that the religious institution had before. Cases of Kanyari should be brought to book and be treated with much strictness. We don’t want potassium permanganate to be used again to hoodwink the Christian family.


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