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Find out why Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro were Sued by NRG Radio

by Fichuzi News

After college/school many dream of working in a good environment, this is what we would call a “Dream Job”. For many, the dream job is backed by the need to provide for our kin and those who depend on us.

First you land into a job, not your dream job though. After a while your prayers are answered and you get a CALL, it’s your dream job. Excitement would be an understatement, right?


Immediately after your dream job call, your old boss come knocking with court orders to bar you from working in your new station.

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe were scheduled to start working on July 1, 2019 at KISS FM. But that just remain as that. Apparently NRG Radio (Their former employer) do not want them to work anywhere else.

This was immediately after they landed their dream job at Kiss 100.

They were expected to appear before the Employment and Labor Relations Court on Friday, June 28.


Caroline Mutoko was getting ready for Kiss 100. Right at the moment, she was meant to go live as the voice of the freshest radio station in town, Capital FM served her with papers seeking to bar her from going on air.

Radio Africa Group and Caroline Mutoko successfully fought the case and Kiss 100 grew into one of the biggest radio stations in the country, one of the most listened to English radio stations in Nairobi County and one of the most recognizable brands in East and Central Africa.

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