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Al-Shaabab says they cannot work without Kenyan media

by Fichuzi News


Militia groups are gaining ground around the world. After instilling fear in the people, they advance to even forcefully recruit members. Terrorist groups are the major ones with lethal actions.

Around our region, the Al Shaabab is gaining ground and trying to have the control of Somalia. They have been a headache to our country. The media has been vigilant on this matter and becomes the second eye to the state.

Al-Shaabab has hinted that the Kenyan media is not corruptible on security issues. They have not given any allegiance to the militia group. If they would accept to give information on our country, then it would be easier for the group to kill Kenyans and cause more assault on the people.

Terrorist groups would love to be associated to groups that can give them information on what they are to do. In most cases, they will look for information about business premises and tons. Their quest for the operation would be boosted by the publicity that the media would give them. If they fail to get that, their works look wasted.

What the Al-Shaabab do not know is how to apply the technique in of using spectacular events. Spectacular events do attract the media to also report spectacularly which gives the group some sense of publicity. The link between the actors and the audience is lacking. According to Strategic Intelligence Service, the Kenyan media has been in the wrong of reporting the negatives of terrorist activities. They never get the facts about the events and it happened.

It would be better if the media companies avoided the group totally. The attention that it will create may be diverted to something else. Any leakages that would come because of the same is brought to a stop.


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