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Aids will kill generations!

by Fichuzi News

It is another time that the Sevens is going on. It begins with Masaku, then Dala, and many more sevens before it finalizes at Kasarani. Images of what happened in 2014 are still fresh in my mind. We saw photos of immorality going round as we followed with bitter curses to the human generation, which we make part of anyway.

During these tournaments, people get high on drinks. They cannot control anything. Men are in need of sex. Women cannot even attempt to be strong. Unguarded moments. Danger number one!

These people who cannot protect themselves gets infected. As if that was not enough, there is no privacy. It is always on top of cars or in the open. Long ago, even seeing dogs mating was sin. Today, even human beings cajole in public. A man then goes back to his house in which his wife has trust in him. She will later wonder where she got AIDs. Men will not admit in this case.

The tournaments goes for around seven to eight weeks. By the time they end an exponential number will have contacted the disease. Dead people walking.

Somewhere undisclosed, a man has a wife, a maid and a watchman. The man is so busy trying to make money for the family. The wife is beautiful and carries a big hunky while moving. Her looks are killing. Any attempts to smile at a man closes the circuit and blows the main valve.

While his man was away for long, she tried a smile at the gateman. The effect was the same. The gateman wondered what he would do to his boss’s wife. Later, the woman’s physical desires were met. In one occasion, the man comes back, fatigued and hungry for several things. The wife is away for two days. The house help has mastered the art. She catwalks, winks and decides to put those shorter clothes. Her body is more exposed that covered. The man decides to utilize the opportunity. Again, without any protection. When the wife returns, his behavior are advanced to cover up any suspicions. The process is continuous until the wife discovers what the man has been doing.

If one person had the disease in this family, they will all get infected. If the man decides to cheat on the wife gain, as most of them do, he will be carrying it along.

Several people speak bout unfaithfulness and argue how it is breaking families. Nobody stresses on these communicable diseases. Immoral sexual behaviors which in most cases are unprotected are in the rise. A time is coming when people will be giving birth and the first thing the doctor will give is the ARVs. Woe unto us!


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