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6 Million FFP2 Corona Masks Lost At JKIA Kenya’, Claims German Customs Officials

by stepkans

As every nation is working hard towards creating a streamlined strategy to deal with the Corona Pandemic, so much is happening behind the scenes. There has been recent efforts by the German Custom officials to track down about 6 million FFP2 masks aimed to protect health workers from the virus. These masks are reported to have been missing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya.

The first report about this loss was published by Spiegel Online and investigative measures have been put in place by relative parties to ascertain the claims.

This particular type of masks is popularly known to filter more than 90% particles, making it ideal during this crucial time. The German custom officials and the armed forces procurement office worked together with the health ministry to acquire the much needed gear for protection.

It is quite unclear how the masks produced by a German firm ended up in Kenya. The German authorities confirmed that the shipment was due to get there by March 20, 2020 but it didn’t. They stated that it disappeared at the end of last week in JKIA.

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), in their defence conducted an investigation upon receiving the report. Here is a press statement that they issued yesterday:

Our investigation has concluded that there was no cargo of this nature that has passed through JKIA for the last two weeks and no missing cargo has been reported to the authorities. We, therefore, wish to inform the public that we are treating this report of alleged disappearance of six million type FFP2 protective masks as fake news and that our cargo section continues with normal operations .


Of course, there are so many questions about these allegations and we are only hopeful that a few months down the line, an investigative documentary won’t be published to confirm everyone’s thoughts about the corruptive nature of the Kenyan government.

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