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A 35-couples wedding in Ruiru

by Fichuzi News


Weddings are common these days. From Friday to Sundays, there are decorated vehicles in wedding flowers and ribbons declaring the theme color. However, it is unheard of that people conduct mass weddings. It happens at times for twins who chose to do the things together.

In Ruiru, on Sunday the 7th august, a mass wedding that will stand in history as the largest to ever happen around this region was witnessed. The couples had accepted to do their wedding together in the church to simplify several matters.

Cardinal John Njue has presided over several weddings and has the required experience. This was just another one which he would also love and record as the largest in his life. In St. Christopher’s Catholic Church in Ruiru Kiambu, the event went down.

It was not explained whether these couples had stayed together or were starting to stay together for the first time after the wedding.

In his sermon Cardinal John Njue reminded the couples to keep the matrimonial bed holy. This is a matter of serious discussion currently, and very soon it will become a normal thing to defile the marriage bed. Most people have gone to extents of having extra marital affairs which are for useless gains.

For these couples, we have nothing more to say about them, except for a cool marriage that will be acceptable to God and their house made a little heaven here on earth.

To the upcoming lovers and marriages aspirants, they can follow good examples and manage their marriages in their proper ways. It will be a beautiful ting to make their marriage better and raise God-fearing family. If they already have children, they are in the best position to guide them in heavenly walks.

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